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Wild Pine Mushroom Promotion
Date 2021.09.01 ~ 2021.10.29 Price KRW 80,000

Special Promotion

Wild Pine Mushroom Promotion

Korean restaurant offers an autumn seasonal Wild Pine Mushroom Promotion.

One of the best delicacies in autumn, wild pine mushroom boasts rich taste and nutrition, thus called the meat growing on the ground.
Have a healthy autumn with a variety of menus made with wild pine mushroom.


September 1(Wed) ~ October 29, 2021(Fri) *Weekdays only


Korean restaurant 'ONDAL'


KRW 80,000


Healthy Vegetable Juice
3 Kinds of Chilled Salads
Chef’s Special Porridge
Grilled Pine Mushroom with Salt and Grilled Abalone
Bibimbap with Wild Vegetables in a Hot Stone Pot, Beef & Radish Soup with Pine Mushroom
Korean Royal Sweets & Fruit with Traditional Tea
4 Side Dishes

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