Make this a turning point in your life with our 'Wellness Program',
designed to bring you complete wellness in the true sense of the word.



Introducing Wellness Club, the holistic wellness center operated by Walkerhill Hotel & Resort and Healthconnect, a healthcare specialty company co-founded by Seoul National University Hospital and
SK Telecom. Now for the first time in Korea, the Wellness Club provides sustainable healthcare solutions with its expansive facilities and professional programs. Be a part of a 'Health Care Concierge Service' that combines nature and science to provide a healthy and beautiful life.

  • DIET


    Control weight and reduce fat by developing healthy habits through our one-on-one counseling program, which will create a healing diet, nutrition and exercise regimen specifically you.



    The custom posture adjustment program uses detailed body analysis and posture correction to help alleviate pain and improving body alignment especially for the pelvis and spine.



    Discover a new you and restore your confidence by improving your skin condition, correcting posture and body line and regaining your mental security with the mind and body healing program.



    Couples can grow closer with prenatal exercise, nutrition consulting, and D-line therapies while lowering the fatigue and stress of pregnant women, thereby promoting the healthy development of the fetus.

Wellness program Package

(2 Nights)

KRW 1,500,000 ~

(For 1 person, incl. tax & service charge)

Wellness Healing Package

(1 Nights)

KRW 690,000

(For 1 person, incl. tax & service charge)

Wellness Day Program

(1 Day)

KRW 380,000

(For 1 person, incl. tax & service charge)

For inquiries and reservations, please call to
+82-2-2022-0450 / 0451
  • Price may differ according to program or date you selected.
    Please contact our consultants to reserve the 'Wellness Package'.
  • The customized itinerary of your Wellness program package will be delivered to you the day of check-in.
  • The accommodation provided will be a "Wellness Deluxe" Room in the Vista Walkerhill Seoul.
  • Includes: Sauna / Indoor Pool / Fitness Center / SKYARD Access / ROO Membership Lounge Access
  • Participating in the Optional Wellness Program is available for an additional cost.
  • Please note that the above rates are for 1 person per room. If there are two people in a room, please read the additional information below.


  • Body Shaping Studio

    Body Shaping Studio

    The studio is equipped with genuine HYPOXI brand machines, beloved by celebrities around the world for their tremendous fat-burning results. HYPOXI uses advanced vacuum and compression technology to activate your body's natural metabolism to burn fat and cellulite.

  • Posture Studio

    Posture Studio

    The studio designed for SLING / WINBACK treatment by our specialists, which will stabilize the spinal cord, relieve pain, improve muscle tone and restore posture.

  • Aquatic Exercise Pool

    Aquatic Exercise Pool

    In the one-on-one water sports training area you can improve balance, breathing and muscle strength while reducing fatigue - all with minimal burden on the spine.

  • Nutrition Counseling

    Nutrition Counseling

    Our clinical nutritionists will provide customized nutritional consulting for health / diet management / administrative body.

  • Healing Forest

    Healing Forest

    In the heart of this busy city exists a woodland retreat where you can enjoy yoga, healing and meditation. Visit the quiet walking trails surrounding Walkerhill.



Partner of Wellness Program

Run by Seoul National University, Healthconnect, provides the ultimate in medical care services. Integrated with SK Telecom's the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), the revolutionary system Healthconnect was established to deliver the best healthcare experience possible.


HEALTH CONNECT Company Introduction

Seoul National University Hospital - HEALTH CONNECT - SK telecom
Seoul National University Hospital - HEALTH CONNECT - SK telecom
Global Top Healthcare & ICT Convergence
Capacity Hospital
Seoul National University Hospital
As a national hospital representing Korea, is contributing various fields such as cancer, intractable disease, congenital child disease and clinical medical research
Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
Advanced digital diagnosis system
Seoul National University Healthcare System Gangnam Center
Prevention-centered care and health promotion
Seoul National University Boramae Medical Center
Immunodiagnostic systems, Molecular Diagnosis Device, Kits, Reagent manufacturing, distribution, and sales
Convergence of ICT and Healthcare,
Global Leading Telecommunications Provider
Health Management Service
Provide wellness service, disease management, post-operative care, and prevention/monitoring service
In Vitro Diagnostics
Immunodiagnostic systems, Molecular Diagnosis Device, Kits, Reagent manufacturing, distribution, and sales
HealthCare ICT
Optimized healthcare solutions for hospitals, medicines and patients
Bio R&Ds
Research and develop various fields such as biomarker, bioinformatics and device platform

What is ICT Solution?

It is mobile coaching service for 'Close health management' where
the coach provides a various healthcare services through dedicated mobile App and Web. The coach provides customized mission and contents through daily health management, also provides ongoing feedback and customized health report in a consistent for customers to improve exercise, diet, health, and life habit systemically.

Health-On Wellness Solution

Experience innovative wellness solution 'Health-On' developed by Healthconnect in the Wellness Club of Vista Walkerhill Seoul.

  1. Health Check
  2. Health-Related Physical
  3. Posture Measurment
  4. Personalized Prescription Exercise /
    Personalized Prescription Exercise/Nutrition
    1. Weight Loss Program
    2. Posture & Pain Management
    3. Fatigue Management Program
    4. Health-Related Physical Fitness Management
    5. Functional Fitness Management
    6. Body Shaping Program
    7. Anti-Aging Program

    7-Wellness, core program of Health-On Wellness Center, provides specialized and differentiated customized fitness program for improving member's stamina and health.

  5. 7 Wellness PT
    by Wellness
  6. Target GX