The perfect place to experience nature in the city.

  • Forest Park
  • Forest Park

Forest Park

Surrounded by Hangang River and Achasan Mountain, Forest Park is the outdoor space where the whole family can enjoy a picnic. We have a tent for your relaxation, eco-friendly space Tree Playground, and a variety of Walkee Programs ready for you. Experience an urban romantic and healing picnic in the Forest Park.

  • Location : Outdoor space in the Walkerhill Hotel and Resort
  • Hours : 11:00 ~ 20:00
  • Use guide : The space is available only for the guests staying with Walkerhill Hotel and Resort Forest Park package.
  • Contact Info. : +82-2-450-4617
  • Outdoor Pool

Outdoor Pool

At the Walkerhill Outdoor Pool with the international-sized main pool(50m X 19m), you can enjoy leisure and relaxation while overviewing a beautiful Hangang River view. The pool is exclusive service for Outdoor Pool Package guests and provides at a cost.

  • Location : Outdoors
  • Operation Season : Summer, July 2(Fri) ~ August 29, 2021(Sun)
  • Inquiry : +82-2-450-4630~2
  • Benefits for outdoor pool users : 1 towel per person
Operation Hour
운영시간 안내
Period Operation Hour Remarks
Weekdays Weekends(Sat&Sun)
(Early Blue)
10:00 ~ 18:00 10:00~20:00 2 Sessions on weekends
Session I 10:00~15:00
Session II 15:30~20:00
7. 24~8. 22
10:00~20:00 2 Sessions everyday
Session I 10:00~15:00 · Session II 15:30~20:00
8. 23~8. 29
(Late Blue)
Please note
  • No separate buffet is available for outdoor pool in 2021.
  • Only main pool will be opened in 2021. (Flowing water pool is not in service)
  • According to the government's Covid-19 quarantine guidelines, the number of users at the same time is limited to 300 per day.
  • During weekends and gold season, outdoor pool is not available from 15:00 to 15:30 due to cleaning and quarantine work.
  • For children less than 130cm tall, please make sure towear a life jacket and use the pool with a guardian.
  • No outside food is allowed in the outdoor pool.
  • Please wear a swimming cap or a hat when using an outdoor pool.
  • Due to social distancing, item rental service is not available. Please bring your own tool.
Usage fee guide
Season fee
2020 Timetable Entry fee Sunbed Rentals
1F / Poolside 2F / Luxury
Daily Weekdays Weekend
Blue Season
July 03 ~ 24 and August 17 ~ 30
Adult KRW 25,000 KRW 20,000 KRW 60,000 KRW 80,000
Child KRW 15,000
Gold Season
July 25 ~ August 16
Adult KRW 35,000 KRW 80,000 KRW 100,000
Child KRW 25,000
Main facilities

  • A Main Pool
    • A-1. Luxury Sunbed
    • A-2. Poolside Sunbed
    • A-3. Sunbed
    • A-4. Jacuzzi
  • D Convenience Facilities
    • Food Corner
    • Medical Office
    • Locker Room
    • Swimming Gear Shop
  • B Lazy River
  • C Buffet
  • E Pavilion
  • F Lactation Room
  • P Phytoncide Zone
  • S Smoking Area

  • Main Pool

    Enjoy swimming in this large pool with a fantastic view of the Hangang River.

  • Jacuzzi

    Relax your body and mind and li ft. your spirits in soothing warm water.

Please note
  • Please wear a swimming cap when entering the pool.
  • Snorkeling gear, flippers, and large boat tubes are not allowed. (Inflatable tubes and balls are available.)
  • Must wear a swim suit or a rash guard. (ordinary t-shirts, such as cotton wear, or pants are not allowed)
  • Swim rings cannot be used in the Jacuzzi.
  • Children under 130cm must wear a life jacket. (Infant life vests are provided free of charge.)
  • Children over 5 years old are not allowed to take showers with the opposite gender.
  • Children under 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult guardian.
  • Food purchased outside the premises is not allowed in the pool area. You may purchase snacks or drinks at the snack bar.
  • Infants and toddlers must wear waterproof diapers when entering the pool.
  • Operations can be temporarily suspended to protect the safety of guests in the event of bad weather or facility management issues.
  • Customers can use personal mats and tents/umbrellas in the Tent Zone.
  • Luxury, poolside chaise sunbeds are available for a fee, while sunbeds near the Phytoncide area are complimentary for paid guests.

Walkerhill Kids Club

Reopening Planned

  • Location : B1 of Main Hotel Building
  • Hours : 11:00 ~ 20:00 (Closed every Wednesday)
  • Age Limit : Children from 12 months to Preschoolers
  • Price : KRW 35,000 (Based on a duration of 2 hours, includes 1 Americano and 1 cup of juice for kids / 40% discounts for guests staying at the hotel)
  • Contact Info. : +82-2-450-4622
Main facilities
  • Play Zone

    A wide range of fun and
    educational activities for children

  • Cafe Zone

    Serving premium handmade baby
    formula, "Yummy Meal", and healthy
    organic beverages for children and
    coffee and tea for adults.

  • Library Zone

    In the Woongjin Book Club children get to read on their own and participate in fun activities that will create memories.

  • Event Room

    Throw an unforgettable birthday
    party for your children with the catering
    service prepared by the hotel chef.

Please note
  • Children must be under the care and supervision of their parents at all times for their safety.
  • All adults entering the place must wear socks.
  • A reservation and payment may be required for joining programs.
  • For safety and quality, children must adhere to the staff's guidance. We reserve the right to refuse service/guests.
  • We are not responsible for any loss or damage to your personal belongings due to your negligence.
  • Maximum 30 pairs of parents and children are allowed for safety reasons.
  • Play Zone allows only children who are taller than 3.9ft for safety reasons.
  • After 2 hours, an additional KRW 10,000 will be charged per child per hour.
  • The above price includes 1 cup of Americano for the adult and 1 cup of juice for the child.
  • Walkerhill Library
  • Walkerhill Library
  • Walkerhill Library

Walkerhill Library

Walkerhill Library has over 3,000 books covering all genres. For your reading pleasure, this library with a relaxed atmosphere enables you to spend your time alone while being absorbed in reading. Wind down in a relaxing atmosphere over a good book. The Walkerhill Library provides a serene space where guests can practice self-care over by focusing on a good book.

  • Location : 2F of Main Hotel Building
  • Hours : 10:00 ~ 21:00 (Exclusive Guest Facilities)


Enjoy a wide range of sports facilities.

Jogging Course

Introducing various paths and trails where you can enjoy the refreshing air of Mount Acha and beautiful scenery of the Han River. Go for an invigorating morning jog or a leisurely walk in afternoon.

  • Contact Info. : +82-2-450-4607
Jogging courses
  • Walkerhill Course

    Starting from the Main Hotel Building,
    it takes up to 15 minutes to take a full tour of the area.

  • Hangang River Course

    Jogging along the Hangang River and
    the city takes about 15 minutes.

  • Achasan Ecological Park Course

    Enjoy a 20 minute jog (one-way) in
    this course while appreciating the beautiful
    nature around the Achasan Mountain.

Start to Finish : 6,562 ft. (15Min.)

  • 1st CourseA
    B 1,640 ft

    Step-Warm up

  • 2nd CourseB
    C 1,969 ft

    Workout Course

  • 3rd CourseC
    D 492 ft

    Catch Your Breath

  • 4th CourseD
    E 820 ft

    Extra Distance

  • 5th CourseE
    F 656 ft

    Endurance Course

  • 6th CourseF
    A 984 ft

    Final Effort

A Main Building, B Camping in the City, C 3-way intersection, D Turning point, E Turn left, F Myongwolgwan

  1. STEP 01.
    Go outside Walkerhill and turn left
    after passing Vista Walkerhill Seoul.
  2. STEP 02.
    Go down the hill until you see the bus stop.
  3. STEP 03.
    Cross the road in front of the bus stop.
  4. STEP 04.
    Turn right.
  5. STEP 05.
    Turn left at Prugio Apartment.
  6. STEP 06.
    Turn left at the 3-way intersection.
  7. STEP 07.
    Turn right at the next
    3-way intersection.
  8. STEP 08.
    Cross the road at the end of the road
    and go towards the Hangang River to
    find the Hangang River Park.
  1. STEP 01.
    Go outside the Main Hotel Building
    and follow the road on the right.
  2. STEP 02.
    Take the right-hand path.
  3. STEP 03.
    Turn left at the parking lot.
  4. STEP 04.
    Turn left at the 3-way intersection.
  5. STEP 05.
    The 2,624ft long jogging course toward
    Achasan Ecological Park starts here.

Fitness Center

Walkerhill Fitness Center offers a variety of workout programs and professional trainers for your fitness needs, featuring 30 different types of fitness equipment including a 65m jogging track, treadmills, along with the indoor pool (for adults and children) and sauna facilities.

  • Location : B2 of Main Hotel Building
  • Hours : 06:00 ~ 22:00 (fitness room & swimming pool until 21:30),
    closed on every third Tuesday of the month
  • Age Limit
    • Fitness room : High school students (17 years of age) or older
    • Guests can rent exercise shoes for a fee.
    • Swimming pool : No restrictions, available to all in-house guests
      • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
      • Guests must wear both a swimming suit and swimming cap to access the swimming pool. Guests wearing exercise clothing, normal clothes or caps will not be permitted to enter the pool.
      • Floating equipment is prohibited with the exception of life vests and swimming arm tubes.
      • 2 adults and 2 children per room receive access.
      • Up to 2 additional guests can join for a fee.
    • Sauna Facilities : Paid servicefor age 17 and up (KRW 11,000 per person).
  • Contact Info. : +82-2-450-4607
Main facilities
  • Jogging Track

    213ft indoor track for jogging all year long.

  • Fitness Equipment

    More than 30 different types of
    fitness equipment.

  • Indoor Swimming Pool

    The quality and temperature of the
    water are maintained at a comfortable
    level at all times.

Tennis Court

Walkerhill Tennis Court is a all-weather tennis court with 2-side special courts of International Standard.

  • Location : outdoor
  • Hours : 08:00 ~ 18:00 (reservation is required),
    closed on every third Tuesday of the month.
  • Contact Info. : +82-2-450-4607
Price(Incl. tax)
Day Weekdays Weekends
In-house Guests KRW 30,000 KRW 40,000
  • Exclusive Guest Facilities/Access Fee Required
  • Golf Range
  • Golf Range
  • Golf Range

Golf Range

Enjoy the breathtaking view of the Achasan Mountain with 67 individual ranges on 3 floors simulating the feel of the fresh green.

  • OPEN : Weekdays, Weekend, Public Holiday 06:00
    April ~ October : Weekdays 24:00 / SAT, SUN, Public Holiday 23:00
    November ~ March : Weekdays 23:00 / SAT, SUN, Public Holiday 22:00
  • Contact Info. : +82-2-456-1010