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Check out our restaurants and their locations in Walkerhill.

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Ondal photo


Korean Restaurant

Walkerhill's representative Korean restaurant features modern reinterpretations of the old Korean nobility’s cuisine and the royal court’s Chanpumdanja (饌品單子, literally meaning ‘a list of dishes served on the table’) based on historical research.

  • Location : 2F of Hotel
Geumryong photo


Chinese Restaurant

Geumryong is a Chinese restaurant serving exquisite dishes inherent to the Cantonese cuisine that is regarded as one of the 4 great cuisines in China. The restaurant uses its special know-how to reinterpret a selection of Emperor Qianlong’s favorite delicacies in Manchu Han Imperial Feast.

  • Location : 1F of Hotel
The Buffet photo

The Buffet

Buffet Restaurant

Walkerhill's buffet restaurant offers a wide range of cuisines from healthy Korean dishes made of seasonal ingredients sourced throughout Korea to certified organic vegetable salads and a variety of desserts.

  • Location : 2F of Hotel
The Pavilion photo

The Pavilion

Lobby Lounge

Tea lovers will be delighted by the selection of teas on The Pavilion's menu, which also features coffees and fresh fruit juices along with a variety of seasonal healthy beverages. It also hosts "Very Berry Strawberry" during the spring, and "Beautifruit Dessert" during the fall.

  • Location : Lobby of Hotel
Le Passage photo

Le Passage

Gourmet Store

Walkerhill’s premium gourmet store offers a wide range of deli products, including wines, cheeses, and pizza in addition to over 50 bread and cake items that are baked fresh daily on site.

  • Location : 1F of Hotel