Grand Walkerhill Seoul

Premium hotel surrounded by nature within the city

About the Hotel

Leading entertainment

Grand Walkerhill Seoul, Vista Walkerhill Seoul, and CS Business including the Incheon Airport Transit Hotel, SK Networks Co., Ltd. is creating synergy to solidify its foundation of providing the highest level of guest satisfaction and as the leading entertainment provider in the hotel industry.

Unmatched service and value

Surrounded by the spectacular views of the Hangang River and the Achasan Mountain, Walkerhill serves as the ultimate place
to relax and unwind while enjoying a wide variety of entertainment options with unmatched quality and service.
With 557 rooms and 8 restaurants, consisting of Korean, Chinese, and Western cuisines, as well as bakery shops offering baked goodies
that delight your taste buds, Walkerhill offers an unparalleled guest experience and exceeds expectation at every level.

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  • Conveniently located at the heart of Seoul, it takes only 10 minutes to reach Gangnam by taxi or car. Complimentary hotel shuttle service is also available every 10 minutes to Gangbyeon Station (Subway Line #2) and Gwangnaru Station (Subway Line #5) for easy access.
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Ultimate rejuvenating destination within the city

Walkerhill is an ideal location to enjoy Korea's beauty all year round. You can enjoy the magnificent cherry blossom in spring,
the shade of the green forest in summer, the colors of the leaves in fall and the crisp snow of winter.
It is also the ideal location for people interested in experiencing local culture or wishing getaway from their busy urban lives.
For those looking for relaxation and escape, we have various facilities, such as an outdoor swimming pool that oversees the Han River,
River Park, a campsite offering exotic camping experiences, Camping Zone, and Kids Club.

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8 multi-functional convention rooms in various sizes that are fully furnished with equipment, including Vista Hall, Ida, Walkerhill Theater, Cosmos Hall, Art Hall, Pine Room, Oak Room, and Grand Hall, as well as special facilities such as Aston House. They feature a simultaneous interpretation system and state-of-the-art video, audio and lighting facilities to accommodate events, ranging from family gatherings and weddings to international conferences and business meetings.

Four Seasons in Walkerhill

Walkerhill Autumn Story

Take advantage of these special offers from Walkerhill guaranteed to pleasure you!
With a variety of room packages and a seasonal event entitled “Autumn Fest”, enjoy the natural setting of Mount Acha and the Han River of Walkerhill this autumn!

Promotion, Room package List
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    Lobby lounge ‘The Pavilion’ offers dessert buffet promotion ‘Beautifruit’ this fall.

    • SAT, SEP 15, 2018 ~ SUN, NOV 25, 2018
    • KRW 55,000
  • Room

    The Autumn Sky

    Fall in love with the the Autumn mood at Walkerhill, with an extravagant Autumn retreat.

    • MON, AUG 27, 2018 ~ FRI, NOV 30, 2018
    • KRW 310,000 ~ (excl. tax & service charge)
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    Pine Nut Noodles and Hanwoo Bulgogi

    Exhausted by heat wave? Our charcoal grill restaurant, Myongwolgwan offers healthful dishes to replenish you with good energy.

    • SUN, JUL 01, 2018 ~ SUN, SEP 30, 2018
    • KRW 49,000
  • Room

    A Fall Greeting

    With the colors of the season in full bloom, Walkerhill is the perfect place to savor the autumn breeze

    • MON, AUG 27, 2018 ~ FRI, NOV 30, 2018
    • KRW 224,000 ~ (excl. tax & service charge)
  • Promotion

    Jeju Island Cuisine Set

    A Korean restaurant Ondal offers the promotion ‘Jeju Island Cuisine HAN set’ to introduce the taste of Jeju from autumn special season menu.

    • SAT, SEP 01, 2018 ~ WED, OCT 31, 2018
    • KRW 85,000
  • Room

    An Autumn Story @ Douglas

    Create your very own fall adventure in the natural, wooded surroundings of Douglas House.

    • MON, AUG 27, 2018 ~ FRI, NOV 30, 2018
    • KRW 194,000 ~ (excl. tax & service charge)
  • Promotion

    Special Menu to celebrate the 55th anniversary of Walkerhill

    To celebrate the 55th anniversary of Walkerhill, a Chinese restaurant Geumryong introduces the special menu.

    • MON, SEP 03, 2018 ~ WED, OCT 31, 2018
    • KRW 55,000
  • Room

    The Scent of Autumn

    Spacious Rooms, Abundant Perks: Savor the Charm of Fall

    • MON, AUG 27, 2018 ~ FRI, NOV 30, 2018
    • KRW 276,000 ~ (excl. tax & service charge)
  • Room

    The Chuseok Holiday @ Douglas

    A healing holiday in the forest with perks like Douglas Lounge access and a lucky draw.

    • FRI, SEP 14, 2018 ~ THU, SEP 27, 2018
    • KRW 190,000 ~ (excl. tax & service charge)
  • Room

    Korean Thanksgiving, “Han-ga-wi Package”

    Ensure happiness for your homemaker. Enjoy a comfortable retreat, and then take home Galbi-tang (Rib Soup) from Myongwolgwan.

    • FRI, SEP 14, 2018 ~ THU, SEP 27, 2018
    • KRW 226,000 ~ (excl. tax & service charge)
  • Promotion

    Pizza Hill Autumn Special Menu

    A pizza restaurant, Pizza Hill offers the Assorted Mushroom Pizza with a flavor of autumn, and the Small Octopus Pasta with fresh and chewy texture.

    • SAT, SEP 01, 2018 ~ FRI, NOV 30, 2018
    • KRW 35,000 ~
  • Promotion

    2018 Autumn Wine & Beer Fair 'Walking on the Clouds'

    Walkerhill holds 2018 Autumn Wine & Beer Fair ‘Walking on the Clouds’, where you can enjoy premium wines and beers from many countries in the world.

    • SAT, SEP 08, 2018 ~ SUN, OCT 14, 2018
    • KRW 15,000 ~
  • Promotion

    2018 Myongwolgwan Garden BBQ

    Surrounded by the forest of Mt. Acha and overlooking the Han River, the Myeongwolgwan Garden announces the opening of its amazing barbecue buffet.

    • SAT, MAY 05, 2018 ~ SAT, OCT 06, 2018
    • KRW 130,000
  • Promotion

    Pizza Hill Beer Fest ‘Golden Night’

    Pizza Hill is launching the beer fest, ‘Golden Night’, on weekday evening.

    • THU, MAY 10, 2018 ~ FRI, OCT 12, 2018
    • KRW 50,000 ~
  • Room

    Walkerhill Kids Club

    Walkerhill Kids Club takes a step closer to our lovely children through collaboration with YummiMeal (homemade-style natural baby food brand) to give them a special experience.

    • THU, JAN 26, 2017 ~ SUN, DEC 30, 2018
    • KRW 237,000 ~ (excl. tax & service charge)
  • Room

    Camping In The City & Stay

    Make a precious memory with the unique experience of ‘Camping In The City & Stay’ that you can enjoy in nature situated in the center of the city.

    • FRI, SEP 01, 2017 ~ SUN, DEC 30, 2018
    • KRW 390,000 ~ (excl. tax & service charge)
  • Room

    Forever Barbie

    “Forever Barbie” is an invitation for your little princess to join Barbie.

    • SAT, JUL 15, 2017 ~ MON, DEC 31, 2018
    • KRW 495,000 ~ (excl. tax & service charge)
  • Room

    Love Luv Luv

    Romantic Idea for Couples, the “Love Luv Luv” package.

    • SAT, JUL 01, 2017 ~ SUN, DEC 30, 2018
    • KRW 310,000 ~ (excl. tax & service charge)
  • Room

    Walkerhill Family Character Room 'A Day with A-Ram's Friends'

    The Walkerhill characters, Aram, Garam & Charam, are here to ensure that your entire family has a truly enjoyable retreat with us.

    • FRI, SEP 01, 2017 ~ MON, DEC 31, 2018
    • KRW 430,000 ~ (excl. tax & service charge)
  • Promotion

    Family Together

    Introducing the “Family Together” set menu, specifically designed to provide families an opportunity to spend some quality time at our Camping in the City retreat.

    • MON, MAR 27, 2017 ~ SUN, DEC 30, 2018
    • KRW 280,000 ~
  • Promotion

    Bul-Sae Combo

    Enjoy our special combo at Pizza Hill restaurant, located at the top of a hill within a lovely forest, while enjoying views of the Han River and Acha Mountain.

    • SUN, APR 01, 2018 ~ FRI, NOV 30, 2018
    • KRW 125,000 ~
  • Promotion

    Walkerhill Afternoon Tea Set

    Enjoy a leisurely afternoon in our Lobby Lounge’s “The Pavilion” savoring the sweet desserts and snacks of our 3-tiered afternoon tea tray while sipping on a variety of premium English teas.

    • MON, JAN 01, 2018 ~ MON, DEC 31, 2018
    • KRW 50,000
  • Promotion

    Marinated Beef 1+1 Lunch Promotion

    The premium Korean barbecue restaurant ‘Myongwolgwan’ promotes the ‘Marinated Beef’ lunch menu mixing with its differentiated premium sauce on the spot.

    • SUN, JAN 01, 2017 ~ MON, DEC 31, 2018
    • KRW 51,000

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