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Ulleungdo Style Set Menu
Date 2020.03.07 ~ 2020.04.30 Price KRW 85,000

Special Promotion

Ulleungdo Style Set Menu

The Korean restaurant, ‘ONDAL’, is launching the ‘Ulleungdo Style Set Menu’ promotion which comprises hearty special products of Ulleungdo Island.

We reproduced the taste of the distinguished folk dish with the fragrant mussel rice prepared by cooking fresh mussels with rice, the squid viscera soup made with squid whichi is the typical specialty of Ulleungdo Island, and the side dishes mainly made with vegetables grown in Ulleungdo Island.

Experience the true taste of Ulleungdo Island with the ‘Ulleungdo Style Set Menu’ that ONDAL prepared elaborately.


Saturday, March 7 – Thursday April 30, 2020


Korean Restaurant, ’ONDAL’


KRW 85,000


Barnacle Porridge
Mussel Rice and Squid Viscera Soup
Raw Humpback Shrimp and Parboiled Octopus and Conch
Bonnet Bellflower Roots and Wild Herbs Pancake
Spicy Stir-fried Squid and Pork Belly
Seven Basic Side Dishes (including fermented squid, seasoned vegetables of Ulleungdo Island, and pickled venetables)
Korean Sweets and Tea

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