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Court Cuisine
Date 2020.01.01 ~ 2020.02.29 Price KRW 110,000

Special Promotion

Court Cuisine

Korean restaurant, ‘ONDAL’, is launching the ‘Court Cuisine’ promotion, which comprises the court dishes from the Joseon Dynasty newly recomposed based on old literatures and the state dinners.

Enjoy the true taste of the court cuisine, reinterpreted in ONDAL’s unique style, from the special cold salad for appetizer to oyster pancake filled with the scent of the sea, and the marinated grilled beef slices prepared with the sirloin aged at a low temperature and served with grilled vegetables.


Wednesday January 1, 2020 – Saturday February 29, 2020


Korean restaurant, ’ONDAL’


KRW 110,000


Special Cold Salad (Prawn Pine Nut Cold Salad, Ginseng Tofu Pancake, Buckwheat Crepe) / Milk Porridge and Vegetable and Seaweed Chips / Fried Kelp / Oyster Pancake / Seafood Patty and Fortune Pouch / Lobster Japchae / Marinated Grilled Beef Slices prepared with the sirloin aged at a low temperature and grilled vegetables / Hot Pot Bibimbap and Royal Hot Pot / Court Sweets and Steamed Pear Tea / Four Basic Side Dishes

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