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South Coast Folk Dish Promotion
Date 2019.11.01 ~ 2019.12.31 Price KRW 95,000

Special Promotion

South Coast Folk Dish Promotion

Walkerhill’s Korean restaurant, ‘Ondal’, is launching the ‘South Coast Folk Dish Promotion’ using the seasonal specialties produced in the south coast of Korea.

At Ondal, enjoy the true taste of the south coast with the scent of the sea from oyster which becomes filled with nutrition and taste in winter to cockles, and seaweed fulvescens which is the warm gift from the cold sea.


Friday November 1, 2019 – Tuesday December 31, 2019


Korean Restaurant, ‘Ondal’


KRW 95,000 
(per person, Order from two servings)


Seaweed Fulvescens and Mussel Porridge, Korean Beef and Fan Mussel with Seasoned Chives, Steamed Oyster, Hard Boiled Spanish Mackerel, Cockle and Vegetable Bibimbap and Dried Radish Leaves Soup, Fresh Fruits, Honey Bun and Citrus Tea, Five Basic Side Dishes (including Seasoned Seaweed Fusiforme and Bean Curd, and Sea Squirt)

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