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Gangwon-do Local Dishes Promotion
Date 2019.09.01 ~ 2019.10.31 Price KRW 100,000

Special Promotion

Gangwon-do Local Dishes Promotion

Korean restaurant, ‘ONDAL’, is launching ‘Gangwon-do Local Dishes Promotion’ to present the Korean set table prepared with fresh ingredients on the theme of the local dishes of Gangwon-do.

You can enjoy familiar and tasty dishes of Gangwon-do from chewy buckwheat crepe to savory Chodang soft bean curd, charcoal-grilled chicken, and fragrant wild pine mushroom stew.

Enjoy the true taste of Gangwon-do with the ‘Gangwon-do Local Dishes Promotion’ prepared by ONDAL.


Sunday September 1, 2019 - Thursday October 31, 2019


Korean Restaurant ‘ONDAL’


KRW 100,000 
(for 1 person, minimum order is 2 portions)


Buckwheat Crepe and Shrimp Salad with Pine Nut Sauce / Chodang Soft Bean Curd and Appetizer / Charcoal-grilled Chicken and Vegetables for Wraps / Seasoned Cirsium with Rice and Wild Pine Mushroom Stew (includes five basic side dishes, deodeok water kimchi, spicy raw pollack salad) / Soybean Powder Ice Cream with Waxy Corn

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