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Date 2019.09.01 ~ 2019.11.29 Price KRW 59,000

Special Promotion


Chinese restaurant, ‘GEUMRYONG’, is launching the ‘Hyangmi’ promotion using the seasonal mushroom of the fall.

From the crab meat soup with cordyceps that the first emperor of China and the legendary femme fatale Yang Guifei enjoyed to enhance immunity, improve fatigue, and prevent aging to the dish prepared with pyogo mushroom which is called ‘Xianggu’, the fragrant mushroom, in China, the menu is full of great taste and nutrition as well as the fragrance and flavor of the fall.

Enjoy the scent and taste of the fall with the ‘Hyangmi’ lunch course in the fall.


Sunday September 1, 2019 - Friday November 29, 2019 *Weekday Lunch 12:00 ~ 14:30

※ Except weekends and holidays


Chinese Restaurant, ’GEUMRYONG’


KRW 59,000

Crab Meat Soup with Cordyceps and Spinach / Wild Pine Mushroom and Scallop / Special Dim Sum / Hyanggo Korean Beef Tenderloin / Meal / Dessert

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