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Promotion Detail
Fight Fire with Fire
Date 2019.07.01 ~ 2019.08.30 Price KRW 50,000

Special Promotion

Fight Fire with Fire

The Chinese restaurant, ‘GEUMRYONG’, is launching the ‘Fight Fire with Fire’ promotion to beat hot summer in a breeze.

Enjoy the spicy but refreshing set menu, comprising Laoganma Abalone Scallop prepared with spicy laoganma sauce, Kungpao Shrimp with excellent mouthfeel, and Dandan Noodles which is the representative dish of Sichuan province of China, and beat the heat in the scorching weather.


Monday July 1, 2019 – Saturday August 31, 2019 *Weekday only 12:00~14:30


Chinese restaurant, ’GEUMRYONG’


Set Menu
KRW 50,000

Geumryong Special Appetizer / Hot and Sour Soup / Laoganma Abalone Scallop / Kungpao Shrimp / Dandan Noodles / Dessert

Chinese Cold Noodles
KRW 30,000
Malatang + Youtiao Bread
KRW 40,000
  • Taxes and service charges included
  • No discounts and mileage savings