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Table of Southern Coast Cuisine
Date THU, NOV 01, 2018 ~ MON, DEC 31, 2018 Price KRW 78,000


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Table of Southern Coast Cuisine

Our Korean restaurant, ONDAL, is presenting a table of folk cuisine prepared with the special products of the southern coast.

From the winter delicacy, seaweed fulvescens, to gizzard shad tasting nuttier than sesame seed, and bibimbap with sea squirt which is the treasure of the sea! Taste the true flavor of the southern coast and take care of health for the winter.


2018. 11. 1 (Thu) ~ 2018. 12. 31 (Mon)


Korean Restaurant ‘Ondal’


Table of Southern Coast Cuisine
KRW 78,000


Seaweed Fulvescens and Oyster Porridge / Steamed Oyster / Barbecued Deodeok Root and Duck / Seasoned Octopus and Squid / Roasted Gizzard Shad / Sea Squirt and Seaweed Bibimbap and Sea Urchin / Sea Mustard Soup or Clean Codfish Stew (Choose 1)/Fruit·Honey Bread·Citron Tea (Basic 4 Side Dishes)

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