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Family Together
Date 2019.01.01 ~ 2019.09.27 Price KRW 280,000 ~

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Special Promotion

Family Together

Introducing the “Family Together” set menu, specifically designed to provide families an opportunity to spend some quality time at our Camping in the City retreat.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime at our unique campground in the heart of Seoul surrounded by nature.


2017. 3. 27 ~ 2019. 9. 30


Camping in The City


Family Set  *For 3 persons (2 Adults / 1 Child)
KRW 280,000 

Together Set  *For 4 persons (2 Adults / 2 Children)
KRW 330,000 


Beef tenderloin(Australian), Beef sirloin(US), Myongwolgwan rib(US), Hanwoo Bulgogi(Korean), Walkerhill handmade sausage, Pork belly(Korean), Fried chicken drumstick(Korean), Fresh abalone, Jumbo shrimp, Grilled vegetables and sweet potatoes, Smoked salmon salad, Fruit salad, Ssam vegetables·paste·oil sauce, Cabbage kimchi(Cabbage, red pepper powder / Korean), Seafood Udon, Special dessert

* Kids Special Menu _ Ice-cream, Fish Cake Soup, Steamed rice

  • Child(ren): 36 months old ~ Elementary schoolchild
  • No outside food or drink permitted.
  • There is a minimum order of 3 servings. Each guest must order 1 course minimum.
  • 10% discount with Paid Membership
  • Each additional guest will be charged the regular menu price.