Walkerhill Policy

Terms of Rewards Membership Service of SK Networks Co., Ltd. Walkerhill Hotel's Homepage.


Article 1 Purpose

The purpose of these Terms is to provide for the content of services that are provided by Walkerhill Hotel (hereinafter "Hotel"), owned and run by SK Networks Co., Ltd. to anyone having subscribed to Membership (hereinafter "Member") and the rights, obligations, and liabilities of the parties.

Article 2 Definitions

Terms used herein shall be defined as follows.

  1. "Membership" refers to the Walkerhill Rewards program providing Members with various benefits in connection with use of Hotel services.
  2. "Membership Benefit" refers to any benefit received at Walkerhill Hotel or its outside businesses/facilities (Incheon International Airport Transit Hotel, Matina Lounge, Faro Grand restaurant) according to Member level.
  3. "Member" refers to any person who has normally been registered as a Member under the subscription procedure prescribed herein and can use Membership services provided by the Hotel.
  4. "Point" refers to any point that can be saved or used when purchasing goods or services at the Hotel.
  5. "Unauthorized (Point) Saving" refers to any case in which Points are saved for a Member, even though the Member did not actually purchase goods or services at the Hotel (unless consent was given by anyone having purchased goods or services at the Hotel) or in which Points are saved above the actual extent of purchase or use.
  6. "Unauthorized Use" refers to any case in which a Member arbitrarily uses any Unauthorized-Saved Points or uses another Member's Points without the latter's consent.
Article 3 Overview of Membership Services

Membership services provided by the Hotel to Members, who have undergone the subscription procedure prescribed herein, shall be as follows.

  1. Saving of Points A Member can save Points by purchasing goods or services from the Hotel, except for certain goods or services designated by the Hotel.
  2. Use of Points A Member may purchase goods or services at the Hotel by using the saved Points.
  3. Other services The Hotel may develop services other than those mentioned above, and provide them to Members.
Article 4 Effect and amendment of these Terms
  1. These Terms shall be applicable to those intending to use Membership Benefits and Points as well as those having subscribed to Membership.
  2. These Terms may be amended from time to time. The Hotel, to amend these Terms, shall notify the Members about the amendment, its content, etc. by one or more methods such as e-mail, homepage notice, or text message, at least 14 days before the date on which the amendment is to become effective. However, if the amendment is disadvantageous to Members, notices shall be made at least 30 days in advance.
  3. A Member objecting to amendment of these Terms may withdraw his/her Membership and, unless he/she withdraws Membership by the date on which the amendment becomes effective or otherwise expresses his/her objection to the Hotel, shall be deemed to agree to the amendment.
  4. Amendment of these Terms pursuant to this Article shall become effective on the scheduled effective date as designated by the amendment.
  5. The method and effect of notice in this Article, unless otherwise set forth herein, shall be subject to those of notice set forth in other Articles herein.


Article 5 Membership subscription
  1. A customer intending to become a Member shall apply for Membership by stating certain required matters in the Hotel homepage, via an electronic tablet at designated places of business or by mobile device, and then agreeing to these Terms and submitting "Consent to collection, provision, and use of personal information." Anyone below 19 years of age, a juridical person, or an association may not become a Member.
  2. When a customer applies for subscription to Membership, the Hotel shall conduct a review under its own criteria and then issue one Membership number to the customer if he/she meets the criteria. Membership numbers can be checked via mobile device, homepage, by the card itself, etc.
  3. When a customer has subscribed to multiple Memberships, all Membership numbers, except for one Membership number, shall be terminated, and Points for the terminated Membership numbers shall be saved for the remaining Membership number.
  4. A Member may be issued a personal account on the Hotel homepage to check and revise his/her Points, details of saving, promotions, personal information, etc.
  5. When a Member meets conditions required by the Hotel and is thus upgraded to a certain level, the Hotel shall notify the Member about the upgrade by e-mail or text message.
  6. A Member may not assign, lease, or pledge his/her Membership or rights to another person.
Article 6 Membership use and management
  1. Membership services can only be used by the Member himself/herself, unless an appropriate procedure recognized by the Hotel is complied with.
  2. A Member intending to use Membership services (e.g. save Points by purchasing goods or services from the Hotel, or purchase goods from the Hotel by using the saved Points) shall present his/her Membership card or ID certificate to the Hotel.
  3. Members shall be responsible for their own Membership cards and passwords (for homepage and mobile card). In cases such as mutilation, loss, or theft of the card or leak of password due to his/her fault, the relevant Member shall immediately notify it to the Hotel, and the Hotel shall immediately take necessary measures, such as registering the incident and suspending use of the Membership card, when receiving the Member's notice. The Hotel, if it is not at fault for the Member's damages occurring before notice of the incident, shall not bear any liability.
Article 7 Membership withdrawal and disqualification
  1. A Member may request Membership withdrawal at any time by a method prescribed by the Hotel, such as in writing or on the homepage, and the Hotel shall process the request within 24 business hours. If a Member withdraws his/her Membership, then his/her Points, transaction records, and benefits shall immediately be eliminated.
  2. If a Member has engaged in no transactions for 3 years from the last transaction date, then the Hotel may deprive such Member of his/her Membership, and eliminate his/her existing Points and transaction records. In this case, the Hotel shall notify such a Member about this at least 6 months in advance through e-mail or text message.
  3. If any of the following apply to a Member, then the Hotel may deprive him/her of his/her Membership by notice to him/her. In this case, Points shall be eliminated at the time of disqualification notice. In this situation, the Member has no rights to services, Points, etc. that he/she may claim.
    1. A Member has assigned or sold the Membership card or Points to a third party.
    2. A Member has used the Membership card or Points for any unauthorized method or purpose (e.g. Unauthorized (Point) Saving, Unauthorized Use).
    3. A Member has made false registrations, statements, or notices when applying for Membership.
  4. If a Member has received any unjust benefit under Paragraph 3 or purchased goods or services with unauthorized Points saved, then the Member or anyone involved in the Unauthorized (Point) Saving may be subject to civil or criminal liability under applicable laws. However, the Member may show that he/she is not at fault for the Unauthorized Use, etc. In this case, if the Hotel reviews the Member's proof and decides that the latter's claim is reasonable, then the Hotel may regard the latter as a normal Member.
  5. If a Member dies, then his/her Points may be transferred, one time only, to his/her immediate family members by the latter's submission of a written evidence required by the Hotel. In this case, Member level cannot be transferred.
  6. In the case of disqualification, Points elimination and Membership withdrawal shall occur immediately from the date of disqualification notice, regardless of whether there are any points saved.
  7. For purposes such as Points history (records) management, prevention of Unauthorized Use of Membership, or prevention of another Member's damages, Information about a Member disqualified as Member shall be kept by the Hotel for 3 years from the disqualification. During that period, re-subscription to Membership and use of Membership services may be prohibited.
  8. Under the personal information usage period system (Article 29 Paragraph 2 of the Act on Promotion of Information & Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.), the personal information of any Hotel homepage member, who has not logged into the homepage for 1 year, may be separately kept by the Hotel. In this case, his/her use of services may be restricted.


Article 8 Saving Points
  1. The Hotel uses the following calculation to grant Points when Members purchase goods or services and make payments for them. Fractional Points shall be discarded, and taxes related to Points shall be paid by Members. The Hotel notifies Members about Point information. <Point = Actual amount paid for purchase of goods or services (X) Hotel's Point saving rate notified >
  2. Points may be saved when a Member has paid for goods or services. In the case of Hotel rooms, Points for a maximum of three rooms—including the Member's room—can be saved when the Member has made payment.
  3. Points may not be saved for multiple Memberships in one transaction, and Points for a Membership may not be added to or exchanged with those of another Membership. If a Member pays for goods or services from the Hotel in cash, credit card, etc. and requests double Point saving or double discount by presenting both the Membership card and another discount card, the Hotel may refuse it. The Member may then choose to use either Membership Points or other discount, upon the Hotel's request.
  4. For Point saving, a Member shall present his/her Membership card or ID certificate.
  5. Points shall automatically be saved lump-sum on the date immediately following the date of purchase, and the saved Points may immediately be used when they become eligible for use.
  6. In the following cases, Point saving may be restricted.
    1. Long-term stay room charges, special-price offer, complimentary rooms, use of complimentary stay certificates provided to non-free Membership
    2. When any employee-discounted or travel agency-offered price applies
    3. Gift certificate and payment for annual membership fee
    4. Hotel stays for conferences, banquets, events, etc.
    5. Payment for rent of business spaces
    6. Payment for upgrades or accessories (e.g. Internet, minibar, laundry, Extra Bed) other than room charge
    7. When any other discount or saving benefit applies
    8. When outside goods or services (e.g. room service, customized packing, table-setting) are used
  7. Payment not more than 30 days before the Membership subscription shall be eligible for Point saving. However, the above shall only apply when the Member made the payment, and the receipts issued by Walkerhill shall be submitted.
  8. Saving cannot be made for Points used in a transaction, and there shall be no limit on the Points saved in each transaction.
  9. Points shall immediately be saved upon request at the time of purchasing goods or services in principle. If, however, Points are not saved due to a Member's failure to present Membership card or number, then retroactive saving shall only be allowed when a request for saving of the omitted Points is made within 3 months by submitting written evidence on the homepage or to the department in charge of Membership.
Article 9 Using Points
  1. 1 Point shall have the value of 1 won (KRW), and Points shall be subtracted in real time when Points are used.
  2. A payment for purchase of goods or services can be made in whole or in part with usable Points. At the time of using the Points, together with an ID certificate that proves identity, a Membership card itself shall be presented or a Membership number shall be presented by mobile device, and then the intent to use Points shall be orally notified to the Hotel employee.
  3. Conversion into a 1-night room stay shall be allowed with at least 120,000 Points.
  4. A Member with 50,000 or more usable Points can exchange the Points with a Walkerhill gift certificate by actually visiting the Hotel or visiting the homepage (My page > Apply for use/conversion) under such procedure prescribed by the Hotel. Gift certificates shall be issued in KRW 50,000/100,000 units. The Member who requested the exchange on the homepage may visit the Hotel and present a text message showing the request completed and his/her ID certificate to realize the exchange. An exchange can be made without a request made in the homepage, when a Member visits the Hotel carrying his/her Membership number and ID certificate. After a request for the exchange is made, such request cannot be canceled and Points cannot be returned.
  5. After the use of Points, if the purchase which originally caused saving of the Points used is canceled, resulting in the remaining Points going in the negative (minus), no Point saved may be used until the remaining Points are increased to zero. In this case, the Hotel may claim expenses corresponding to the negative value of Points against the Member.
  6. Points can only be used in a method prescribed in this Article, and cannot be exchanged with cash, etc.
Article 10 Correction, cancelation and elimination of Points
  1. If there is an error in the saving of Points, then the relevant Member shall request the Hotel for correction within 60 days of the error. The Hotel may then make correction within 30 days of the Member's request. However, the Member shall present objective materials that can prove such error (e.g. receipt).
  2. Points shall be valid for 3 years from the date on which they are saved, and any Points not used until the elapse of such period shall automatically be eliminated at the end of the relevant month.
  3. The Hotel, where certain Points are scheduled to be eliminated, shall send, once a month, an alert e-mail to the relevant Member at such e-mail address registered by the Member. The same can also be checked online by a website subscriber in "My page." Members shall be responsible for failure to receive the above-mentioned e-mail due to their provision of wrong information.
Article 11 Points in cases of Membership withdrawal and disqualification
  1. A Member intending to withdraw his/her Membership pursuant to Article 7 Paragraph 1 may use usable Points saved until the date of request for the Membership withdrawal, as prescribed herein.
  2. Saved Points of a Member falling into Article 7 Paragraph 3 Subparagraph 1, and thus notified by the Hotel as disqualified, shall be eliminated at the time of the disqualification notice. In this case, the Member may not claim any rights.


Article 12 Purpose of website

To provide efficient Membership services for Members, the Hotel shall operate Membership-related website within the Walkerhill homepage.

Article 13 Provision of website Services; changes
  1. The following shall be conducted at a Membership-related website within the Walkerhill homepage.
    1. Members' checking of saved/used Points
    2. Making changes in personal information
    3. Participating in events
    4. Subscribing to or withdrawing from Membership
    5. Providing various information related to Membership service
    6. Other matters designated by the Hotel
  2. If necessary, the Hotel may change the content of goods or services to be provided under future contracts. In this case, the Hotel shall notify the matter to users by e-mail, and announce the same by specifying changes in the goods or services and the date of such changes at a place where the content of existing goods or services is posted at least 7 days before the date of provision.
Article 14 Suspension of website services
  1. In any of the following cases, the Hotel may restrict, or suspend provision of Membership website service in whole or in part.
    1. Unavoidable circumstance, such as checkup, repair, replacement, malfunction, communications loss or power outage of any information & communications equipment (e.g. computer)
    2. A basic telecommunications service provider under the Telecommunications Business Act suspends provision of telecommunications services.
    3. Normal provision of service is interrupted due to power outage, equipment malfunction, traffic congestion, etc.
    4. It is otherwise necessary in connection with provision of the website services.
    5. Any force majeure event, such as national emergency or act of God, occurs.
  2. The Hotel, when becoming unable to provide the website service due to circumstances under Paragraph 1, shall notify Members about this by a method under Article 4 Paragraph 1.
  3. Under the personal information usage period system (Article 29 Paragraph 2 of the Act on Promotion of Information & Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.), personal information of any Member, who have not used Hotel services (e.g. log in to the homepage) for 1 year, shall be separately kept and his/her use of service may be restricted.
Article 15 Member ID and password
  1. Members intending to use the service available from the website by using the Points shall separately register their Member ID and password on the Walkerhill homepage as prescribed by the Hotel.
  2. Members may not give their Member ID and password to a third party or have a third party use them.
  3. A Member, when becoming aware that his/her Member ID and password have been stolen or are being used by a third party, shall immediately notify the Hotel about this and follow any instruction given by the Hotel.
Article 16 Member's obligations

A Member may not do the following in connection with use of Membership website service.

  1. Make false registrations when making an application or modification in connection with use of the website service
  2. Alter or delete without authorization, or otherwise harm, various information posted on the website
  3. Transmit or post information other than that designated by the Hotel (e.g. computer program, advertisement)
  4. Infringe on copyright or other intellectual property rights of the Hotel or a third party
  5. Otherwise harm a third party's reputation or interfere with the latter's business
Article 17 Website link and Hotel's liability

If the Walkerhill homepage or Membership website has links, via text, graphics, videos, etc., to another website, then the Hotel shall not bear any liability for any transactions conducted by a Member on his/her own on such website.

Article 18 Ownership and restriction of copyright
  1. Copyrights and other intellectual property rights for works created by the Hotel shall belong to the Hotel.
  2. A Member may not copy, transmit, publish, distribute, broadcast, or otherwise use for profit or have a third party use any information obtained from the use of Walkerhill homepage and Membership website, without the Hotel's prior approval.
  3. Members shall have rights and responsibilities for the content of materials posted by them.
  4. Matters not prescribed herein and concerning the Walkerhill homepage or Membership website shall be governed by the Walkerhill homepage Terms of Service.


Article 19 Termination of Membership Services
  1. ① To terminate Membership services, the Hotel shall announce the termination on the Walkerhill homepage at least 6 months before the expected date of termination and shall notify all Members about this using the notice method under Article 4.
  2. ② After termination of Membership services, a Member may not save Points or receive other Membership benefits, and Points saved as of the date of termination notice shall be used no later than such date as separately designated by the Hotel and prescribed by these Terms and the Hotel. On or after the date on which Points are eliminated, no remaining Points may be used.
Article 20 Miscellaneous

Matters not prescribed herein and the interpretation hereof shall be governed by applicable laws and commercial practices.

Article 21 Indemnity and Limitation of Liabilities
  1. The Hotel, when unable to provide goods or services due to an act of God or any corresponding force majeure event, shall not be liable for failing to provide Membership services.
  2. The Hotel shall not be liable for interruption of Membership services due to a Member's fault.
  3. The Hotel shall not be liable for a Member's loss of profit expected from the use of Membership services or for damages due to information obtained from the same.
  4. The Hotel shall not be liable for lack of reliability or accuracy of the information or data posted by a Member in connection with Membership services.
  5. The Hotel shall not be liable for damages, incurred by a Member in connection with use of Membership services, due to his/her intent or negligence.
Article 22 Interpretation and jurisdiction
  1. The Hotel shall comply with the laws of the Republic of Korea in connection with these Terms. In case of conflict between these Terms and the laws of the Republic of Korea, the latter shall prevail.
  2. Matters not prescribed herein and their interpretation shall be governed by commercial practices.
  3. All disputes and litigations related to the use of services hereunder shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the Seoul Central District Court.

These Terms of Service shall become effective on January 1, 2017.