Douglas House



Escape the daily grind with an excursion
to the lifestyle hotel, Douglas House.
With a natural interior decor and carefully
curated services, a truly charming retreat is assured.

The Hideaway in the Forest : Douglas House

Located in a beautiful forest overlooking the Hangang River,
Douglas House provides natural comfort.
Reflect on the important things in life as
you recharge in a quiet home away from home.

"Don't fight nature; let it be."

Kim Swoo Geun, Douglas House Architect


A Natural Retreat

Designed with a focus on "nature" and "relaxation",
Douglas House rooms surround you with natural
materials and tranquil colors that delivers
a total sense of well-being.

Douglas Deluxe
Traditional Suite
Douglas Suite

In order to assure a comfortable rest and
good night's sleep for all, children under
the age of 13 cannot accompany guests.


Exclusive Services from Douglas House

Douglas House has everything you need forrelaxation,
so you can escape from bustling city and
enjoy your own time in thetranquil forest.

Douglas Library

True relaxation awaits you at our
cozy library in the forest.

Douglas Lounge

Start and end your day with the peace
and comfort of Douglas Lounge.


A delicious trip begins in the "Open Kitchen",
where you can prepare your own delicacies.

Douglas Garden

The comfort of natural surroundings
will leave you feeling truly relaxed.

Douglas House History

  • 1963
    Opening of Douglas House

    Designed by one of the best architects of our era, Kim Swoo Geun, Douglas House opened its doors on April 8th. The hotel is named after General Douglas MacArthur, former United Nations Commander.

  • 1989
    Douglas House Renovation

    After extensive renovations, the 'Douglas Executive Club' reopened on Aug. 21 with 46 rooms and has since positioned itself as a unique business hotel.

  • 1993
    Douglas House Remodeling

    Because of the increasing popularity of 'Douglas House,' the villa in the forest, the hotel has expanded to have 65 rooms.

  • 1963
    Re-opening of Douglas House

    Harmonizing with the surrounding nature, the completely redesigned Douglas House opened on April 7th to provide guests with tranquil relaxation in an authentic lifestyle hotel.


Personal vehicles are not allowed access to the road in front of Douglas House.
Please take the shuttle bus available at the Grand Walkerhill Seoul entrance.

Douglas House offers guests one-time complimentary valet parking.