Geumryong(Chinese Restaurant)

1F of Hotel

Geumryong is a Chinese restaurant serving exquisite dishes inherent to the Cantonese cuisine that is regarded as one of the 4 great cuisines in China. The restaurant uses its special know-how to reinterpret a selection of Emperor Qianlong’s favorite delicacies in Manchu Han Imperial Feast.

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* Closed on Mondays

Hours Info. Table
Lunch 12:00 ~ 15:00
Dinner 18:00 ~ 21:00
좌석 옵션 표
Total 128 (Hall 30, PDR 98)
Number of seats available in PDRs : Han River I & II (12 each), Han River III (10), Geumgang I & II (6 each), Geumsong I & II (4 each), Geumsan (7), Geumbong (10), Geumrin (6), Geumhak (8), Geumhak (8), Geumhak (12), and Geumrok (14)
  • Additional fee of KRW 50,000 for PDRs with windows
  • Reservations required
  • Dinner: Only set menus available in the the Hall and PDRs
How to find us
  • Walkerhill Photo
    STEP 01.
    Go inside the Main Hotel Building.
  • Lobby Photo
    STEP 02.
    Go straight ahead at the lobby.
  • Geumryong Photo
    STEP 03.
    Find the entrance of Geumryong.
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