Walkerhill App

The Walkerhill App

Make your trip more convenient with the Walkerhill App.

Quick and Easy Reservations

Use the Walkerhill App to make reservations for rooms
and restaurants quickly and easily.

Shake Awake My Membership Card

Open the Walkerhill App and shake your phone.
Your membership card will instantly appear, allowing you
to quickly and conveniently get member discounts
at our restaurants and earn points.

  • Discover The Perfect
    Offers for You

    Explore the hottest stay packages or dining promotions on the main or 'Offers' page then make reservations easily.
    Make your wish list and send it to friends and family with cute emojis and an
    irresistible message.

  • Convenient Scheduling

    Manage your schedule by sending your reservation to your mobile calendar.
    Check the time left until your upcoming
    stay or restaurant reservation on the App. The real-time reservation information is available in the "Account" tab.

  • The Walkerhill Insider

    Design your Walkerhill journey with the Walkerhill Map or click on the 'Place' tab to discover 11 restaurants offering a wide variety of delicious cuisine and 11 different facilities offering exciting activities to enjoy during your stay.

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