Walkerhill CS Business

As a premium hotel, we offer unmatched quality and value under the motto of "Another Walkerhill experience where you can have outside Walkerhill".

CS사업부 리스트


Starting with Myongwolgwan in Bucheon in 1994, CS Business is currently operating Incheon Airport Transit Hotel and the lounge restaurant “Matina” at Incheon Airport. In addition, it provides its service at golf course club houses including SKY72 Haneul/Bada, Incheon Grand CC, Hill de Loci, SMART KU, Kosca CC, and Shinedale CC, as well as the contemporary casual all day dining “Terrasse” and the café “Isetta” located in the BMW Driving Center. It also serves authentic Japanese and Chinese cuisine at the sky lounge restaurant “Faro Grand”.

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel features 96 Standard and Deluxe rooms and Suites along with Matina, Crew Lounge, and Biz Center.

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Incheon Airport Transit Hotel Website
Faro Grand

Located on 36F of Center One Building in Suha-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, Faro Grand is a Japanese and Chinese sky lounge restaurant with the theme of “Journey to the Sea”.

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Faro Grand Website
BMW Terrasse

Located in BMW Driving Center in Yeongjong-do, Incheon, Restaurant TERRASSE and Café ISETTA offer contemporary casual all-day dining service.

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Club House

Experience Walkerhill's finest cuisine and service at club house restaurants in the suburbs of Seoul.

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  • SKY72 Haneul/Bada : +82-32-741-8173/8273
  • Incheon Grand : +82-32-579-1002
  • Smart KU : +82-31-930-1652
  • Kosca CC : +82-32-870-1050
  • Hill de Loci : +82-33-439-3350
  • Shinedale CC : +82-33-430-1071

History of CS BusinessCurrently operatingContract expired

BMW Terrasse
2011 ~ Present
2015. JUL
Launched service for Shinedale CC C/H Restaurant (27 holes)
2014. JUN
Launched service for BMW Driving Center
2012. JUL
Opened Faro Grand in Mirae Asset Tower, Jung-gu, Seoul
2011. AUG
Launched service for SMART KU
Launched service for Kosca CC
Launched service for Hill de Loci CC (18 holes)
Signed contract for COEX Convention Center Catering Service (BQT + Restaurant 2)
2006 ~ 2010
2009. SEP
Launched service for Yeoju Grand CC (public 18 holes)
Launched F&B service for Bundang Heritage Senior Town House (Chinese + Korean + Cafe)
Launched F&B service for Korea CC/Gold CC/Korea(public)/Condominium (72 holes + Condominium F&B)
2008. FEB
Launched service for Centerium CC C/H Restaurant (27 holes)
2006. JUL
Launched service for Sophia Green CC C/H Restaurant (27 holes)
2006. MAY
Launched service for Bird Wood GC C/H Restaurant (18+1 holes)
2006. MAR
Launched service for Solmoro CC C/H Restaurant (36 holes)
Incheon Airport Air-Side Transit Hotel
2000 ~ 2005
2005. JUL
Launched service for SKY72 Golfclub C/H Restaurant (public 72 holes)
2004. MAR
Crystal Valley CC SVC Mgmt & Restaurant Opening Consulting
2001. OCT
Launched service for Incheon Grand CC C/H Restaurant (public 18 holes)
Opened Land-Side Restaurant at Incheon Airport
Opened Incheon Airport Air-Side Transit Hotel (only transit hotel in Korea)
2000. SEP
Opened Geumryong Seouldae (Chinese restaurant + Wedding)
1994 ~ 1999
1999. JUN
Launched service for Vision Hills CC C/H (18 holes)
1997. OCT
Launched service for Cheongju Grand CC C/H (27 holes)
Launched Kwangneung CC C/H (18 holes)
1996. JUL
Opened Myongwolgwan Ansan (charbroiled beef restaurant)
1995. AUG
Opened Geumryong Gangnam
Launched service for Ildong CC C/H (18 holes)
1994. OCT
Opened Myongwolgwan Bucheon (charbroiled beef restaurant)