Walkerhill Academy

Foster talented individuals who will lead the future of the hospitality industry.

Walkerhill Academy

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    Walkerhill Academy

    Established in October 2000, Walkerhill Academy has developed
    training courses in line with the trend and characteristics
    of the hospitality industry in order to foster expertise
    and knowhow that can be applied in practice.
    The courses are instructed by professionals working in this
    line of business, and the curriculums are designed
    in consideration of the hotel's work hours and shifts to maximize their benefits.

  • Support of self-development program

    We actively support self-improvement programs for our employees
    by renovating the Lyman with 50 years of history into training facilities.
    Currently, there are 6 training rooms, a lounge for events and relaxation,
    and a library.

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    Job training program

    As of 2015, there are more than 50 training courses available
    for our employees including Hospitality CS specialist programs,
    professional job training, and common practice programs
    to expand their vision for the hospitality business.
    The Walkerhill Academy's job training programs in particular
    are developed with focus on 5 key areas (room, F&B,
    cooking, marketing and sales) on a consistently and logically
    structured foundation as well as a competency analysis and
    modeling of each job and field.

  • Youth Employment Academy

    We are helping students fulfill their dreams of becoming hoteliers
    by organizing the Youth Employment Program in cooperation
    with HRD under the Ministry of Employment and Labor.
    Walkerhill Academy is also planning to form a partnership with
    companies around the world for the development and implementation
    of service training programs including CS consulting.

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WALKERHILL Academy learns and grows together creating a fulfilling working environment.

Based on the expertise we have gained in the hospitality business, we are building the Global Hospitality Resource Development Platform to create a supportive environment and lead the industry by implementing the following strategies.


Hands-on Experience

Securing professional experience

Competency-fostering system and job experience-based talent development

Global Exposure

Development of global communication skills

Programs with native language speaking instructors / seminar with Global EXCOM

Design & Facilitation

Pursuit of operational excellence and development of humanities course

Assessment / management of learning activities

Love + Respect + Sharing