How to use

Incheon Airport Capsule Hotel 'Darakhyu', the first capsule hotel in Korea,
provides an ideal place for a convenient and reasonable journey.

  1. Check-in
    Please check-in at the front desk located at the lounge.
    Upon check-in, you will be provided with your capsule room number and key.
  2. Storage
    Every room has a space for luggage.
    Please contact the reception desk for storage of large baggage.
  3. Shower
    Wash freshly in the shower room or in the public shower room.
    Towels, shampoo and body wash will be provided.
  4. Bluetooth Speaker
    Enjoy the abundant sound of HARMAN KARDON’s own way after Bluetooth connectivity.
  5. Rest or Sleep
    Enjoy a comfortable and relaxing break in an independent private space.
    After check-in, you can use the received card to lock the door and open it.
    Control access and lighting using a card or application.
  6. Check-out
    Check-out will be processed at reception desk at the lobby.
    Please return the room key when you check-out.
    Thank you for using the capsule hotel,
    hope you have enjoyable journey and look forward to serving you again.