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Category Questions & Answers
[Reservation] Is there any extra charge for a child?

Up to 2 preschoolers(under 8 years old) can stay free with their parents.

[Room] How do I extend my stay?

Please contact the front desk. Extension is subject to room availability and charges may be applicable according to price policy.

[Hotel Overall] Is parking available?

Parking places are managed by the airport, and Capsule Hotel does not have special parking place for our guests. If you are using the parking area, you should follow the airport’s parking policy.

[Room] Can I get a baby crib in the room?

The size of room is small. Baby cribs are not provided.

[Reservation] Can pets stay together in a room?
[Room] Is room service available?

The capsule hotel does not provide room service.

[Reservation] Are there additional charges for accompanying children?

Under 10 year old child can stay with parents without any charge, but it will be uncomfortable.

[Room] Is wheelchair service available?

We do not, but please ask your airline for a wheelchair.  

[Reservation] Is the capsule hotel available for a transit passenger?

Transit passengers can use capsule hotel after passing through the immigration process. Foreign passengers need a valid visa to Korea to enter Korea.

[Reservation] Is there discount plan?

Currently, there are no promotions going on. We will inform any plans for promotion in the near future.

[Reservation] Is it possible to keep baggage or clothes after leaving?

It can be kept for the date of check-out.
It may be transferred to the Lost and Found Center after 1 day of storage.

[Room] Do you have a family room?

Darakhyu does not have a family room.

[Reservation] What is the cancellation policy?

1) Individual Reservation
① No fee charged If cancelled 23:59PM, 1 day prior to check-in date  (Hotel time).

② If failed to cancel 1 day prior to the date of arrival (Hotel time), 100% of room rate including applicable tax will be charged.


2) Group Reservation (over 3 rooms)
① If cancelled 3 days prior to reserved time: No cancellation fee
② If cancelled between 1 day (24 hours) and 3 days (72 hours) prior to reserved time:
③ 50% of total room rates including applicable tax.
④ If cancelled within 1 day (24 hours) of reserved time: 100% of total room rate including applicable tax.

[Hotel Overall] Are there any 24-hour facilities in the airport on terminal 2?

They always operate 24 hours.

[Hotel Overall] Is there a shower available only?

Shower facility is for guests who use the room without a shower booth.


The guest can pay only for shower if he is not hotel guest, the rate is 8,000won per person and it is available to use for an hour.