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Terminal 1 [Room] How is the transit hotel different from a common hotel?

The transit hotel is located in the airport. It is the only hotel in Korea available in 6hour blocks.

Terminal 1 [Room] What are the conditions for room reservation?

We collect the charge on an hourly basis at the transit hotel. Only customers who transfer from an international line to an international line may use the transit hotel. Information about the date, time, and flight number of arrival or departure at Incheon International Airport are required for room reservation. If you let us know the number of guests, we will provide a quote of the exact hotel rate.

Terminal 1 [Room] Can I stay at this hotel if connecting from an international flight to a domestic flight?

Yes, you can. You need to contact your airline for sure

Terminal 1 [Room] Can I go outside (go out of the Port of entry/departure) while staying at the hotel?

You can go outside if you have a boarding pass for the day of departure. However, you must pass through immigration. We recommend that you do not pass through the port of entry when you stay at the hotel.

Terminal 1 [Room] Can I stay at the transit hotel before my date of departure?

Airline check-in is only valid on the day of departure, so you cannot stay at the hotel before your date of departure. After going through the departure procedure, you can stay at the transit hotel because it is located in the Duty Free Area.

Terminal 1 [Room] Can I claim my luggage during a layover at Incheon International Airport?

You cannot claim your checked luggage within the Transit Area. You should leave your luggage checked from your origin to your destination. For more information about luggage, contact your airline.

Terminal 1 [Room] What payment methods can I use for the room rate?

You can pay by both cash and credit card. Available currencies are Korean Won, Japanese Yen, USA Dollar, Euro, and Chinese Yuan. While you can change a traveler's check into currency at change booths, we don't accept them.

Terminal 1 [Room] Can I access the Internet within the transit hotel?

You can access the Internet with Airport Free WI-FI or at the business center.  

Terminal 1 [Room] What are the subsidiary facilities in the transit hotel?

2 lounges, 2 business centers, 4 Shower Rooms